Meet Fernanda Rocha, The New Lesbian Housewife On “The Real Housewives Of Orange County”

They’re ba-aaaaaa-ck! “The Real Housewives of Orange County” is returning on Sunday, March 6, and this season looks just as bleached-blonde and silicone-stuffed as the ones of yore. There are bikini modeling shoots. There’s lesbian cast member, Fernanda Rocha. Let’s meet her, after the jump!Fernanda Rocha, 34, is a “hot Brazilian lesbian fitness instructor” who is friends with Tamra. Only … she may not be a lesbian. According to the lesbian blog, Fernanda is actually bisexual.

Either way, she’s hot, and you can watch a clip of her latest fitness DVD, “Fernanda’s Brazilian Booty Workout,” which is the kind of thing men press “mute” on and jerk off to, here:

She calls these Brazilian booty exercises, which are essentially dance and aerobics, “jiinga.”

More fascinating details about Fernada? She’s apparently been married before and now lives on Laguna Beach, where she teaches at and co-owns the Art of Fitness Gym and Day Spa. Fernanda has a a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology (the science of human movement) from Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil, and also studied business at UCLA.

Oh, and one more thing: she’s not blonde. In Orange County. For serious.

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