Kelly Osbourne’s Fiance Cheated On Her With Transgendered Model Elle Schneider

Kelly Osbourne’s ex-fiance, Luke Worrall, cheated on her with model Elle Schneider — a transgender woman who was born Reynaldo Gonzalez and is awaiting gender reassignment surgery, Us Weekly has learned. Elle dished all the deets to the gossip rag about how skeezy Luke Worrall approached her in a club, the pair hooked up in hotel rooms, and Kelly Osbourne eventually reached out to her over Facebook. That’s one messy split. According to Us Weekly, 21-year-old Elle Schneider — who was born Reynaldo Gonzalez — met Luke Worrall in a NYC club over a year ago. The two exchanged numbers and then hooked up in Elle’s room at the Four Seasons Hotel. Elle claims she had no idea that Luke was engaged. But she did know he was definitely into her transgender status. “He knew instantaneously when he met me that night,” she said. “He was definitely not turned off by it at any point. In fact, he was turned on. He made it very obvious.” Luke was only the second man that Elle had slept with, she said, but the pair lost touch after that one night at the hotel.

Kelly and Luke split in July, with rumors swirling that he had cheated. In November, Luke reached out to Elle over Twitter. She told Us Weekly the pair Skyped with each other several times and then met up for two days in London in December. Luke allegedly claimed things were over with Kelly — but meanwhile he was actually trying to reconcile.

That’s when Kelly discovered Luke’s online messages to Elle and flipped out. Kelly had tweeted obliquely about Luke’s philandering on Twitter at first, but in time she blasted that two-timing cad with the hellfire of a woman scorned:

“Luke Worrall is the biggest piece of s**t, he has been trying to get back with me, I only came home for Xmas to see him. Meanwhile, he has been f**king hundreds of girls … behind my back. All he did was use me. All girls, beware of @Luke_worral he is a using C**t! He used me for my money and a free ride. He is lucky I am not spilling the whole truth about what he did! He is the worst thing that ever happened to me. I don’t give a f**k what happens to him anymore … I am and always will be too good for him … Darling, your pretty face will only get you so far because you don’t have the brains to back it up.”

Around that time Kelly reached out to Elle over Facebook and the two, as Us Weekly put it, developed an “unlikely friendship.” Elle claims she and Kelly talked “for hours” about Luke’s cheating. “I was always there to listen when she would cry or call me,” Elle said. “And she told me ‘you know I understand what he sees in you and I respect that’. I [have] no ill intent towards her. She and I are still good friends.”

Elle, meanwhile, has stopped seeing Luke, apparently after learning he was sleeping with multiple other partners. “There’s no point in having him there,” she said.

Something tells me that Kelly and Elle’s “friendship” is going to end just as soon as she learned her newfound buddy has been blabbing to the gossip rags. But who knows, maybe Kelly will be thrilled all the dirt on Luke Worrall’s cheating is out. [Us Weekly]