I’m Single Because …

I saw this Tumblr post where a girl made a list of the reasons why she thinks she’s single. While “I just haven’t met the right person,” is a great catch-all, I thought I’d try to dig a little deeper. Ya know, in the interest of self-awareness. Check out my “Why I’m Single” list after the jump. What would your list say?

  • I am a unicorn looking for another unicorn
  • I still feel guilty about the way my most significant relationship ended
  • I blog about dating for a living
  • I refuse to watch sports
  • I have too much time allotted for the gym, not enough for a boyfriend
  • I am too impatient to take things slow
  • I’d rather be alone than with someone I’m “eh” about
  • I like having unrequited crushes
  • I change my mind a lot about whether or not I like someone
  • I have insecurities that hold me back
  • Rejection makes my skin itch
  • Online dating makes my skin itch even more
  • Dating small talk is not something that interests me
  • I’m not into wearing tight dresses and stilettos