Woman Allegedly Mows Down Cousin After Man Refuses Her Facebook Friend Request

Today in “bitches be crazy!” news: Melanie Snanopoulos, of Long Island, allegedly mowed down her cousin, Giselle Penagos, 21, twice with her van after fighting about a guy. On Sunday, Snanopoulos and Penagos got in a heated fight while driving after Snanopoulos discovered that a man she was interested in had accepted Penagos’ Facebook friend request, but ignored her own. After Snanopoulos pulled over, Penagos jumped out of the van and Snanopoulos followed her. The two fought on the street and then Snanopoulos allegedly hopped back in the van and drove straight into Penagos. She then supposedly reversed and plowed into Penagos for a second time. Over a dude ignoring a friend request? Maybe he just hadn’t gotten around to accepting it yet! Yeesh.Snanopoulos told her cousin to get back in the van, but Penagos said she was unable to feel her legs. Snanopoulos drove off and a good Samaritan took Penagos to a hospital in Queens, where it was determined that she suffered from a broken leg and a shattered pelvis. Doctors say she’s lucky that she wasn’t run over by another car and that she was found quickly — temperatures were only in the single digits that night and she could have froze to death. Snanopoulos, who claims she’s innocent, was charged with assault and released on $10,000 bond, an amount which caused Snanpoulos to smile and utter, “That sucks.” Yeah, like I said, bitches be crazy. [NY Post]