Today’s Lady News: Texas Governor Takes Aim At Abortion Rights

  • Texas Governor Rick Perry wants to fast-track a bill requiring women seeking abortions to have a sonogram taken of the fetus, hear a doctor’s description of its development, and listen to its heartbeat. Perry extolled the bill while speaking at an anti-abortion rally on the 38th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. [Yahoo News]
  • A committee in Iowa’s House of Representatives advanced a bill that would repeal same-sex marriage in the state and ban recognition of same-sex marriages from other states. [Advocate]
  • Last week, Surgeon General Regina Benjamin put out a “call to arms” in support of breastfeeding. We’re all about using boobies to feed babies! (Thanks to commenter earnold14 for the link!) []

  • Wyoming’s House of Representatives defeated a bill yesterday that would have required doctors to inform women they could see an ultrasound of their fetus prior to having an abortion. []
  • A woman’s chances of experiencing sexual violence in Alaska are higher than in any other state. You’d think that would make Sarah Palin a feminist. [Yahoo]
  • Abortion providers in Kansas will be required to provide more details about the medical reasons women are seeking late-term abortions (which are extremely rare in the first place). []
  • Wearing a silver ribbon means means you support a woman’s right to make her own reproductive choices. As much as I think we live in a ribbon-clogged society, I’m pleased there’s a ribbon to show I’m pro-choice! (Thanks to commenter, FreudianSlip, for the link!) [Ms. Magazine]
  • Who are the would-be lesbians of fiction? (Hint: Kristy Thomas from The Babysitter’s Club totally makes the list.) []
  • Why can’t female superheroes get their own movies? [E! Online]


  • Russian playwright Anna Yablonsky was killed in this week’s terrorist attack at Domodedovo Airport. She had been traveling from Moscow to her hometown, Odessa, to receive a prize for her play, “The Pagans.” [Guerrilla Girls]
  • British soccer commentator Andy Gray was recently fired for making sexist comments. But the London Guardian wonders if his former employer, Sky Sports, was institutionally sexist? [Guardian UK]

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