Quickies: Elton John’s Gay Adoption Magazine Cover Censored & “State Of The Union” Funny Faces

  • A Harps Supermarket in Arkansas put up a “family shield” over Us Weekly’s cover of Elton John, his husband David Furnish, and their new baby, Zachary, to protect sensitive eyes from the EVILZ of gay love. [Styleite]
  • Kelsey Grammer is allegedly inviting his ex-wife Camille Grammer to his wedding to Kayte Walsh, because she’ll only let their kids attend if she is invited. I love how a friend of Camille’s tells PopEater, “Camille is an amazing human being … for her, it’s all about her children.” Um, yeah, that’s totally why she’s using their kids as a pawn to get an invite to his new nuptials. [PopEater]
  • In Snooki and JWoww’s new reality show, the pair move into a $1.5 million pad but struggle to pay the mortgage and fight about changing the toilet paper rolls. Typical high quality “Jersey Shore”-style programming. Can’t wait! [TMZ]

    See the best facial expressions from last night’s “State of the Union” address. Speaker of the House John Boehner, FTW, as per usual. [Buzzfeed]
  • Here’s a first look at Katy Perry’s cameo on “How I Met Your Mother”! [Celebuzz]
  • Advertisers are dropping out left and right from MTV’s new show, “Skins,” over racy content — but don’t worry, Lifestyles condoms wants to advertise! [TMZ]
  • Cheryl Burke from “Dancing With The Stars” has revealed in a new book that she was sexually abused by a family friend as a child. She also opens up about a physically abusive relationship she had with an ex-boyfriend. [Fox411.com]

  • “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy has called Kings of Leon “self-centered a**holes.” What’s the reason for this catfight? Find out at the link! [Popdust]
  • Heyyyy, laaaaaadiesssssss! Sam Worthington — a.k.a. the blue guy in “Avatar” who has a special place in Amelia’s panties — has broken up with his long-time girlfriend. [ONTD]
  • We all know Barbie and Ken split a few years ago … but it looks like the world’s most famous plastic couple may get back together! [YouTube]