Who Is Oprah’s New Sister, Patricia?

It’s like a story from … well …”Oprah.” Yesterday Oprah Winfrey introduced to the world a long lost sister, Patricia, a single mother of two. In 1963, Patricia — whose last name was not revealed — was put up for adoption in Milwaukee by their mom, Vernita Lee. At the time, Oprah was nine-years-old, living with her father in Nashville and had no idea her mom was even pregnant.

So, how did Patricia come to find out she’s related to the most famous woman in the world?Patricia knew she had been adopted and first started looking for her birth mother, Vernita Lee, years ago, after she heard Oprah’s mom talking on television and revealing details that Patricia knew matched her birth mom. Vernita Lee — whom Oprah allegedly has a tense relationship with — reportedly denied she was Patricia’s mom at first. A 2007 DNA test confirmed that she was, indeed, Vernita Lee’s daughter. In the years since, Patricia has been trying to meet Oprah, but somewhat understandably, Oprah didn’t meet the woman claiming to be her long-lost sister right away. “On Thanksgiving Day, [her boyfriend] Steadman and I drove up to Milwaukee to meet my new sister and her family for the first time,” Oprah said. Weirdest. Thanksgiving. Ever.

Despite appearing on “Oprah” yesterday, Patricia and her family are apparently not interested in becoming a tabloid spectacle. Sources tell PopEater, “Patricia doesn’t want a dime from Oprah and certainly wasn’t going to take money from a tabloid whose offers are now pouring in.” Whether Patricia is classy, or deathly afraid of her powerful new half-sister, remains to be seen.

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