Wanna Write For British “Skins”?

Are you a wannabe screenwriter between the ages of 16 and 22 in the U.K.? Good, well then we’ve got a gig for you. “Skins” is looking for writers of the young, cool, not-at-all-professionals variety. “We’re looking for someone to come and help us with the development and writing of ‘Skins’ series six,” writes the show’s co-creator, Jamie Brittain. “We’re a bit obsessed with finding new, young, exciting voices to help us write our show, so we thought we’d run a competition to find some. We’ve done stuff like this before and it’s worked out really well.” Britain is asking hopefuls to send in 2000-word comedy-drama scripts, about anyone but “Skins” characters, to be considered. The winner will get a four month paid stint in the “Skins” writer’s room.

MTV, are you taking notes? [E4]

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