Kourtney And Kim Kardashian: The Coupled Up Versus The Single Girl

Because we haven’t witnessed nearly enough of the mundanities of the Kardashians’ lives, E! has a brand new series called “Kourtney and Kim Take Manhattan” that premiered on Sunday. The show follows the two sisters as they open up a Dash boutique in Manhattan. I thought I would rather bang my head against a wall than watch, but I’m noticing an interesting dynamic emerging between these two. Kim and Kourtney couldn’t be at more different life stages—Kim has vowed to remain single for the year and has her mind on dudes, dudes, dudes, while Kourtney has a baby and a boyfriend who, if the previews aren’t deceptive, is going to propose soon. And like happens in so many friendships and sister relationships, the two bump heads over their relationship status. Mainly in the way the two want to spend their time outside the boutique.

But the two are working through it and trying to understand the other person’s priorities, as they demonstrate in this PopEater interview. Kourtney says, “I think Kim was in single girl mode ready to hit the town and needed a partner. Once her friends would come, I would ditch her and go home.”

Kim responded, “And I get it—she has a new baby and wants to chill out. So it was kind of selfish of me to keep dragging her out.”

Awww. [PopEater]