8 Ways To Meet Guys Offline

Are you sick of me talking about how I’m back on the market yet? Good. OK, for those of you who didn’t get the memo, I am attempting to start dating again after a long sabbatical. My thing is — and I know this is not the case for everyone — I hate online dating. It’s not my scene. I have lots of friends who kick ass at it and I know that there are great people online, I just tend to do better in person. I have a pact with myself that if all my IRL options dry up, I will happily resort to online dating. Luckily, I have a good track record of meeting dudes in person. Since I’m over the bar thing and friend set-ups come and go, I’ve had to get a little more creative. After the jump, here’s where I find the majority of my offline dates. Feel free to add your secret IRL dude snagging tips in the comments and I will feel free to try them.

  1. Public Transportation. I have gone on five, yes FIVE, dates with guys that I have met on the bus or the subway. That’s not bad. Conversation has been sparked over anything from a book I was reading to an escaped mental patient that was attacking passengers on the 2nd Avenue local train. You have a confined audience, so the key to meeting guys on public transpo is looking up from your book or your iPod every so often to do some eye banging. If you are friendly and have good taste in reading material, you probably don’t have to do anything at all. The men will come to you.
  2. Banks. I’ve also scored a few numbers at the ATM. There’s something intimate about accessing your checking account with another. Also, the fluorescent glow of those screens will make you look hot.
  3. Classes. Since many of us are not in school anymore, the days of passing notes to the cute guy sitting behind us are over. But there’s always the learning annex or the local community college. Take a class in something that interests you; improv, painting, wine tasting. I once met a guy at a Reiki seminar I took. We practiced laying our hands on one another. Wah, wah, wah.
  4. Coffee Shops. Coffee shops are dating goldmines! I’ve gone on about four dates that originated in coffee shops. I attribute them all to the joy of drinking coffee. But seriously, I think that coffee culture lends itself to friendly chit chat, which lends itself to scoring dates. Grab a book or bring your computer. Sit there for a few hours and I’ll bet you come up with someone.
  5. Gyms. This is just too easy. The men are already sweaty and half-naked! Since I’m not really into gorilla juice heads, I find the guys in my yoga classes more my speed. True story, I once went out with my spinning instructor. I had to go to spinning every Saturday for a year, but by the time he finally did ask me out, you could bounce a quarter off my ass. I think I should get a crush on another spinning instructor … for the sake of my ass.
  6. Birthday Parties. Friends or friends of friends’ birthday parties are ideal places to meet new guys. Why? 1) Everyone is happy at a birthday party, 2) They know someone you know, which usually means they are not a psychopath, 3) They are good ways to scope out new options for set-ups. You may see someone a friend never would have thought to set you up with. And then you can contact them the next day and get the full scoop on him.
  7. Airports. Airports are my most favorite places to meet guys. You just never know who you are going to come across in an airport. Since you are either going to or coming from the same place, you have something in common for starters. Let’s say then, that you are blessed enough to sit next to them on the plane, you have hours of uninterrupted conversation with the possibility of a hang out in your final destination. I have accomplished this before. And so can you.
  8. Laundromats. Eventually everyone has to wash their clothes. Because I am lazy and live in NYC, I drop my laundry off. Don’t judge me. While dropping off said clothes at said laundromat, I discovered that my neighborhood crush also washes his clothes there. One time, while I was picking up my laundry, he held the door for me on my way out. I saw him again when I was dropping my laundry off a couple of weeks later. That has advanced us to the mutual smile and nod stage. Two days ago, I ran into him on the street and he said hi. I think this Sunday, I may try to do my own laundry.