Should Pregnant Ladies Get Special Parking Privileges?

A New York City councilman will introduce a law next week that would grant pregnant women special parking privileges. Women who are having difficult pregnancies that create mobility problems could get a doctor’s note entitling them to park in no-parking or no-standing zones, without fear of getting a ticket, up to 30 days after their due date. Councilman David Greenfield of Brooklyn said the pregnancy perk idea came after seeing his wife struggle while pregnant. “If I’m on a train and a pregnant woman walks in, I stand up and offer her my seat,” Greenfield told The New York Daily News. “I consider this legislation to be the same thing — standing up on the City Council for women who have difficult pregnancies.” Aww, that’s kinda sweet. But critics say these parking perks will screw up NYC’s already-screwy parking laws. Personally, I think it’s a brilliant idea, but probably too impractical to work in a city that’s traffic-clogged to begin with. I would rather that cops issue tickets to people who don’t offer their seats to pregnant women on the bus or subway, or people who don’t give pregnant women first dibs on a taxi. And I wouldn’t complain if pregnant women got a special “express lane” at the grocery store, either.

What other perks do you think pregnant women deserve? [New York Daily News]