5 Things To Know About Elizabeth Olsen

Until now, she is best known for being the Elizabeth in Elizabeth and James. But in the next year, we will be getting to know Elizabeth Olsen, the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley, much better because, well, she’s made more movies recently than her sisters combined. In fact, she has two flicks premiering at Sundance this year. After the jump, the deets on Elizabeth.

  1. Elizabeth, or Lizzie as she is often called, made several cameo appearance alongside her sisters. Her first was at age four, in their first movie, aptly titled “Our First Video.” She also appears in “How the West Was Fun.”
  2. Rather than going the TV or movie route, Elizabeth opted to act in plays. This came in handy while filming the movie “Silent House,” which premiered at Sundance this week and was sold to Lionsgate. Elizabeth stars as a girl who believes her summer home is haunted, and the film was shot in one take. “When I was auditioning, I was like, ‘Just so you know I’m used to the medium of theater, so like I can stand on my feet for this long,'” she said.”
  3. While her twin sisters took “leaves of absence” from NYU and never went back, Elizabeth has a diploma from the school that she can hang on her wall. She recently graduated from Tisch School of the Arts.
  4. Her second Sundance flick is “Martha Macy May Marlene.” Elizabeth stars as a woman who escapes a scary, brainwash cult and goes to live with her sister. Only, she has serious trouble adjusting to normal life and goes crazy in the process.
  5. Elizabeth is three years younger than her twin sisters, but she knows what to expect if she ever becomes half as famous as them. “When I would go shopping with my sisters when I was younger, it would be dangerous. People would almost get us into car accidents,” she said. “I just think it’s crazy in general but I want to be an actor – and I have since I was a little girl – and if that happens, then you figure out how to deal with it where it doesn’t completely infringe upon your life.”

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