Pauly D Wants You To Have A Happy Valetine’s Day

I am not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day and have never been the type of girl to expect roses, chocolates, or gifts in little boxes. But there is something I would like a certain someone to get me this year—a Pauly D Valentine’s Day greeting. Apparently, the “Jersey Shore” star has recorded a bunch for Star Greetz that can be sent via email or Facebook. We’ll assume the word ‘smoosh’ isn’t in the messages? Pauly D showed us his sweet side in Miami when he romanced Rocio, and even though that part seems to be gone now that he’s back in Seaside Heights, Pauly swears that he is actually a knight in shining armor. “I’ll go the extra mile on Valentine’s Day to make the woman happy. It’s all about the girl,” he said.

But it doesn’t always go well. “Worst Valentine’s Day I ever had was a few years back,” he said. “I got a flat tire on the highway with my date in the car, so my date and I had to ride back with the AAA man. Not cool.” [PopEater]