Which Reality Star Is Also A Kinda Talented Artist?

It’s always fun to peek back into the lives of reality TV stars and see what they were like before they were famous. Er, “famous.” One reality star — whom we’re a big fan of here at The Frisky — was a student at the New York Institute for Technology and posted a dozen of his or her art projects online. There are paintings, still lifes, human figures, and sketches. Some of it’s quite good!

Can you guess who the reality star can be? Hint: on last night’s show, this person bailed their best friend out of jail.It’s JWoww from “Jersey Shore” — or as she’s known beyond Seaside Heights, Jenni Farley. According to her official bio, J-woww studied computer programming for several years but then realized she wanted to do graphic design. She eventually opened her own graphic design business, Jenni Farley Designs Inc.

If you ask me, she’s not too terrible at painting. I’d totally hang this abstract in my house — and do it unironically. [Gawker]

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