Shopping Guide: 10 Super Cozy Double-Breasted Cardigans

double breasted cardis g1 jpg
Well, we’ve reached mid-January, or as I like to call it, “The time of the year I seriously question my decision to move to New York from sunny California where the temperatures rarely dip below 55 degrees.” I’m cold. I like to meditate on the imaginary feeling of the sun warming my bare shoulders. It took me years of living on the East Coast to actually understand the concept of layering, but I’m still angered by any season that would cause my bare toes to freeze and fall off. New York City, I love you, but winter can go to hell and stay there.

If winter did go to hell, there would be a couple things I would miss, of course. Fresh snow. Good hair (it stays stick straight this time of year). And cozy, comfy, warm knit sweaters. For this slideshow, I compiled 10 double-breasted cardigans at various price points — I love their old man vibe. Dress them up at night with a flouncy dress, tights, and heels, or dress them down on the weekends with jeans, hoop earrings, and a T. I’m feeling warmer already.

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