8 Sundance Film Festival Flicks We Want To See NOW

sundance project nim jpg
Yesterday, independent film’s glitterati bundled up in their sweaters and ear muffs for the start of the Sundance Film Festival. And since we all know that today’s Sundance movies are tomorrow’s breakout hits and the movies we’ll all be betting on come next year’s award season, here are eight movies on the lineup that have me salivating. Here’s hoping they’ll be in theaters soon.

“Project Nim”: Back in the 1970s, scientists conducted an experiment an a young chimp named Nim. If they raised him like a human, would he learn to communicate using sign language? In this doc, brought to you by the guy who made the amazing “Man on Wire,” you’ll find out how it went down — and say “awwww” a bunch. [The Guardian]

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