Willow Smith To Star In An “Annie” Remake?

If you pick up a photo of me as a kid, there is an 85 percent chance that I will be wearing a red curly wig in it. And if you watch any home videos, I will no doubt be singing either “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” or “It’s A Hard Knock Life.” That’s because I was beyond obsessed with the 1982 movie, “Annie,” in which a precocious orphan is adopted by the mega-rich Daddy Warbucks. (Side note: I recently read that Aileen Quinn, who played Annie, is now a theater professor. You go, girl. No word on whether Sandy the dog is still barking.)

So, I’m a tad bit concerned that Will Smith is looking to remake the classic movie. Naturally, since Will and Jada are creating a cottage industry of movies starring their kids, the plan is for his daughter Willow, of “Whip My Hair” fame, to star in the movie. Jay-Z is rumored to be in talks to do the music. He, of course, sampled from the musical on his song “Hard Knock Life.”

Considering that “Karate Kid” starring Jaden Smith made $350 million, this movie could actually come to be. And while I think Willow has the voice, the acting chops, and even the likability to pull it off, I just have to wonder … can we leave any of our ’80s pop culture memories alone?