Do It: Take Maxim’s “For The Ladies” Sex Survey

Lunch time! You know what you should do while you nosh on that overpriced salad? Fill out Maxim’s LADIES ONLY sex survey. They’ve asked us to hook them up with the intelligent, sassy, snarky pool of ladies that read this blog in hopes that you’ll provide their readers with the information they’re desperate to know about the mysterious female psyche. Now, I’ve already taken the survey and can attest to how easy and entertaining it is to answer. The questions range from “Which question should a man never ask a woman?” to “Is it possible for you to have no-strings-attached sex?”, as well as a few that go way, way below the belt. I’m currently stuck on question #18: “Would you rather be with a guy who is… A) Lousy in bed, but amazing in every other way or B) Amazing in bed, but lousy in every other way.” I would choose C) SINGLE, but that’s not an option.

Anyway, don’t leave all the responsibility on me. Hook those lads up — the more guys understand about women, the better off we’ll all be. [Maxim’s Sex Survey]