I Will Not Be Having A Funeral Wedding

According to USA Today, the new “it” wedding venues are funeral homes. Why? Well, because as we all know, the economy sucks, and funeral homes can offer a more readily available, less expensive, yet equally beautiful setting for the budget wedding. According to a recent survey, about 10 percent of funeral homes currently offer wedding services. “A lot of (traditional wedding facilities) are shutting down because of the economy, while we (funeral homes) aren’t going anywhere,” said the spokesman for the National Funeral Directors Association. “In our community, two banquet halls closed because of the economy.” Can’t stop death, huh? “A banquet hall is a banquet hall, and a chapel is a chapel. If you can get past the cemetery [in the driveway], it’s going to be beautiful,” said the national chairwoman of the National Association of Wedding Professionals. OK, stop right there. I’ve heard enough.There’s NO WAY I could get past the idea of overlooking a cemetery as I say, “Till death do us part.” Or knowing that a corpse is being embalmed as I eat my wedding cake. While I can appreciate the macabre in life, the funeral wedding is just a little too morbid. Don’t get me wrong, I am staunchly in favor of the budget wedding. But why not just do it on the beach or something where there’s no chance of tripping over a headstone on your way to the alter? [USA Today]

How about you? Would you get hitched in a funeral parlor?