Gabrielle Giffords Loves Riding Her Motorcycle, Eating Pie

For the past two weeks, many of you, like myself, have probably clicked on numerous stories about Gabrielle Giffords, the Arizona Congresswoman who was shot in the head, along with six others, in a supermarket parking lot earlier this month. Many of the headlines sound encouraging, though we all know that recovery will be a very long road. The latest is that Giffords was able to stand up with assistance, and will be leaving the intensive care unit and moving to a rehabilitation hospital tomorrow. [AZ Central]

I was especially struck by the New York Post’s headline on this today. The large type at the top of the page read, “Gabby Stands,” as if talking about someone we all know personally. Because yesterday evening, I read an essay at written by someone who does actually know Giffords well, journalist and author Tom Zoellner. The piece is called “A Close Friend’s Wish For Gabby Giffords,” and I was very surprised to find that it was written by Tom, because he happens to be a friend of mine. If you read one thing about Giffords this week, I highly recommend that this be it. His words personalize Giffords in such a beautiful, touching way and show that she’s someone we all would like to have as a buddy. Here’s a snippet, from a section where Zoellner describes helping Giffords with her Congressional campaign:

I now wish that we had lost that election. In fact, I would make her opponent president if it would unfire that bullet into her brain and save six other people from dying. I want her to be able to ride her motorcycle through the hills east of town that she loved, to pop in to the TTT Truck stop for some pie à la mode, to talk to the person on the stool next to her about whatever they wanted to say, to take hummingbird sips of Negra Modela and pretend she was actually drinking.

Read the whole thing here. And yes, that is a command.