What “Blue Valentine” Took From “The Notebook”

Props to New York’s Vulture blog for pointing out that two distinctly different Ryan Gosling films, “The Notebook” and “Blue Valentine,” have one distinct similarity — they each feature a scene in which Gosling’s character kinda, sorta threatens to kill himself if the object of his affection doesn’t give him what he wants. In “The Notebook,” “Noah” teases that he’ll throw himself off a Ferris Wheel if Rachel McAdams’ character “Allie” doesn’t agree to go on a date with him (above). In “Blue Valentine,” “Dean” scales a fence on the Manhattan Bridge and threatens to go even further if Michelle Williams’ character “Cindy” doesn’t confess a secret she’s been hiding (watch that clip after the jump).

If you’ve done any reading about the way “Blue Valentine” was filmed — and, duh, I have — you know that much of the film was improvised by the actors, including the bridge scene. Writes Vulture:
Director Derek Cianfrance gave both actors opposing instructions: He told Williams to do whatever she had to do to keep the secret, and he told Gosling to do whatever he had to do to make her tell it. After hours of improvising without Williams breaking down, Gosling got super reckless and … cribbed the aforementioned scene straight from “The Notebook.” … The moral of the story? High art, it too can come from The Notebook.

All I know is that as The Frisky’s resident Ryan Gosling-O-Phile, I’m ashamed that I didn’t notice this little factoid on my own. Hmph. [NYMag.com]