Rich Lady’s Jokes About Cutting Back Turn Out Not To Be So Funny To Not-Rich People

Rich people are having a hard time, y’all! Cutting back on helicopter rides. Re-soling shoes instead of buying new pairs. No new clothes, handbags or makeup. It utter cruelty is what it is! These are the tongue-in-cheek gripes of Lisa Unwin, who blogged anonymously at a blog called Austerity Mum about cutting back on expenses with her husband, Ashley Unwin, a honcho at PricewaterhouseCoopers in London. The 44-year-old former Deloitte communications director, who now is a stay-at-home mom, blogged jokingly about downgrading the family vacation from the Maldives to Morocco and her hubby’s disdain for Prada shirts. According to the blog This Is London, Lisa Unwin referred also to her two children as “the diva in waiting” and “the smallest man with the biggest attitude” — charming! — and told readers the Unwin’s new Georgian-style home in east London cost “squillions.” Unsurprisingly, Lisa is said to be embarrassed that her identity as the Austerity Mum blogger is no longer a secret and has taken the blog down, claiming it was an exercise for a creative writing class that was meant to be a spoof. But I’m not sure it’s a “spoof,” really, if friends of the Unwins are confirming to news outlets that Austerity Mum basically described the family’s filthy rich lifestyle.

Look, I don’t hold it against her that she and her husband are rich. I know plenty of rich people (okay, not plenty) who just quietly sit with their privilege instead of crowing about it with a sneer. If everything the blogs are writing about Austerity Mum is true (I haven’t read it myself), she’s got an utter lack of sensitivity towards millions who’ve lost their jobs or barely scraping by. Poking fun at one’s own privilege can be humorous, but making a mockery of the truly disadvantaged while doing so is completely devoid of taste.

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