O.B. Tampons Go Missing From NYC Shelves!

This morning, a former (male) colleague of mine posted a link to a New York Daily News news story on my Facebook wall. “Right up your alley sister…” said this friend of mine. “Women searching far and wide for o.b. tampons after they mysteriously disappear from store shelves,” read the headline. I am so pleased that I am the first person people think of when reading breaking news blurbs about missing tampons. Anyway, this story is actually a fascinating one, even though I am not on Team O.B. (For those of you who are unaware of what makes o.b. tampons special — i.e. the men reading this site — here you go: they have no applicator, so to insert them all the way into a comfortable position in the vagina, a lady needs to use her finger. They are also more compact to carry and are better for the environment. I, for one, don’t care. I like my tampons with applicators. Earth second!)

Apparently, there is a major o.b. tampon shortage in New York City, with drugstore shelves being virtually empty of the brand since late fall. As a result, o.b. tampons are being sold on eBay for insane amounts of money — a recent bid went as high as $76 for three boxes! — considering they’re thumb-sized nubbins of cotton designed to soak up menstrual blood.

Johnson & Johnson, the company behind o.b., didn’t have much to say about the shortage, other than there being a “temporary supply interruption.” Phew. At least it sounds like this crisis isn’t going to last. To quote an o.b. fan interviewed for the story, “Thank god — and goddesses.” [NY Daily News]