“Jersey Shore” Words Of Wisdom: “Mind Condom”

Maybe it’s because I’ve come to expect little more than fist fights, hot tub hookups and peeing in public, but lately, approximately once an episode, I’ve noticed some serious words of wisdom coming from the mouths of the cast members of “Jersey Shore.” Last week, I was impressed by Deena’s coinage of the phrase “female backpack.” This week it’s—and I can’t believe that I’m actually saying this—Ronnie who gave me something to think about. During a fight with Sammi he yelled, “I need a mind condom because you are mentally f**king me.”

Yeah. Let’s all take a moment to let Ronnie’s words sink in. Mind condom. Where can I pick up a box of those? Is there anyone out there who couldn’t have used one when dealing with an emotionally unavailable suitor, or maybe a friend who’s so focused on their needs/wants that they forget to treat others with respect? I think everyone could benefit from keeping a mind condom in their wallet, just in case.

But I do think Ronnie had it a little backwards. Sure, Sammi was being a little crazy in the episode, accusing him of cheating when hadn’t done anything. But I think the real mental f**king was done on his part—Sammi is only acting that way because he cheated on her repeatedly, in gross ways, while lying to her about it. Ronnie doesn’t seem to understand that, even if he hasn’t done it since, he seriously messed up his relationship by making himself impossible to trust. I personally was thrilled to see Sammi come to her senses, apologize to the girls for telling her about Ronnie’s dalliances, and holding him responsible instead.

Oh, and one more note. While I find Ronnie’s concept of a mind condom interesting, the drinking to the point of falling down, as demonstrated by Deena and Snooki? Not so into that. That was just sad.