Confession: I Now Own Material Girl Clothes

I’ve never looked at Taylor Momsen and said: “Gee, I wish I could dress like her!” But I have studied Lourdes Ciccone Leon trying to figure out her style secret. So I’m only half embarrassed to admit that I actually enjoyed perusing the Material Girl section during a recent trip to Macy’s. While most of the fashions screamed “junior’s,” I did find some that got my style gears grinding. I purchased this gray cropped sweater, thinking it would work with a pair of high-waist pants I owned already. I also picked up a pair of floral flutter shorts that I think I’ll wear with a black turtleneck, black opaque tights, a pair of over-the-knee boots, and a black leather blazer. I also bought a “sweater” that was completely out of character for me. I use the term “sweater” lightly because it’s basically a thick window pane net, but I figured it could look sexy with a black camisole and jeans.

So clothes bought in the junior’s section can look appropriate for an adult when worn with age-appropriate basics. Plus, clothes meant for teens often go on sale faster than women’s clothes.