The Sexy Bucket List

One of the crazy/sexy/cool things on this list just happened to me for the first time. (I’ll let you guess which one!) Still it’s so nice to know that there are still some things I’ve got left to experience, naked. Heck, as a Frisky gal, you have to try everything at least once! So, that’s why I decided to make this list of dirty things we’ve all gotta check off before we check out. Feel free to add your own naughty to-do list in the comments.

  1. Get your toes licked
  2. Get your hair pulled
  3. Get spanked
  4. The ol’ finger in the butt
  5. Hand someone your panties
  6. Receive a rim job
  7. Ride on top
  8. Ride on bottom
  9. Butt sex
  10. Sex it up in a public place
  11. Go to a lingerie party
  12. Car sex
  13. Costume play
  14. Have an office romance— doesn’t have to be full-on, but a kiss by the copier never hurt anyone
  15. Hook up with someone you’ll never see again
  16. Wield a riding crop, whip, or cat o’ nine tails
  17. Sit on his face
  18. Hit the big O at the same time
  19. Use sex toys to get both of you off
  20. Do an uncircumcised penis
  21. Bar bathroom sex
  22. Shower sex
  23. Food play, or if you’re willing to get dirrrty—splosh!
  24. Masturbate (see here)
  25. Get a couples massage
  26. Be the dom
  27. Be the sub
  28. Wear heels so high, you can’t walk out of bed in them
  29. Flash your boobs or butt (just don’t get arrested!)
  30. Hit a strip club
  31. Do a strip tease yourself
  32. Lace up in a corset
  33. Get tied up (be sure to have a safe word!)
  34. Act out your partner’s sexual fantasy
  35. Do someone who looks like a celeb
  36. (At least) kiss another girl
  37. Kiss a random stranger
  38. Help someone heal sexy nurse-style
  39. Pose for a camera (for some form of naked documentation)
  40. Have cyber sex
  41. Have phone sex
  42. Have sex with someone you love
  43. Have sex in a twin bed
  44. Have sex blindfolded
  45. Have a threesome and/or orgy
  46. Get bent over the kitchen counter
  47. Get dick slapped
  48. Get a pearl necklace
  49. Do someone hairless
  50. Do a human shag carpet
  51. Do someone waaaaaay hotter than you
  52. Do someone ripped
  53. Do it doggy-style
  54. Morning sex
  55. Sober sex
  56. Drunk sex
  57. Watch someone put on a sexy show for you
  58. Be watched while you put on your own sexy show
  59. Sex up someone older
  60. Sex up someone younger
  61. Skip work to bone
  62. Swallow
  63. Give a hand job with your non-dominant hand
  64. Make-up sex
  65. Breakup sex (aka “last licks”)
  66. 69
  67. Have sex at least 66 times to complete this list