Deena Nicole Coins New Term: “Female Backpack”

Every now and then, in-between the fights, tanning sessions, and hot tub hookups, “Jersey Shore” gives us a something valuable. Like last week, when Vinnie showed us that it is possible for a guy to turn down sex if he knows he’s not on the page with the girl who’s offering it. This week, a nugget of wisdom came from newcomer Deena Nicole Cortese. While the girls discussed whether Sammi had gone to the gym with Ronnie, Deena said, “She’s probably sitting there watching Ronnie lift … She’s Ronnie’s backpack. She’s a female backpack.”

In a succinct, two-word phrase, Deena totally nailed what feels so off about Sammi and Ronnie’s relationship. Well, besides the fact that they fight constantly and generally seem totally miserable together. Oh, and that Ronnie cheated on her all up and down the block in Miami, something that she’s just starting to confront because when it happened, rather than getting mad at him about it, Sammi lashed out at the women in the house for … telling her about it. Still, it is pretty disturbing that while Ronnie has a little bit of personality outside of the relationship—he hangs out with the guys and occasionally gets out of the house to do his thing—all Sammi does is lay in her bed or follow him around.

We’ve all had friends who completely lose themselves in relationships—who spend all their time focused on their significant other, do whatever he does, go wherever he goes, say whatever he says. It’s always a little disconcerting to see. So thank you, Deena, for giving us a term to describe this unfortunate situation.

And here’s to never being a female backpack! [People]

Other observations from last night’s episode: Why the eff, when Vinnie brought a girl home, did The Situation think he was getting any? “Sharing” does not apply to people. Also, I wish we could have seen Ronnie and Sam at church. Just for variety’s sake.