5 Reasons The Golden Globes Are Better Than The Oscars

Hooray! Award season has begun! On Sunday, the Golden Globe Awards will be handed out in Hollywood and I couldn’t be more excited. The Globes are my favorite award show of the season. While the Academy Awards have more “prestige,” I could fast-forward through about 90 percent of it. (Ditto for the Emmy Awards, which never fail to put me in a catatonic state.) No, the Golden Globes are the best and I’ve got five super solid reasons why.

  1. TV and films are celebrated. The Golden Globes are like the Academy Awards combined with the Emmy Awards, minus most of the boring awards from both, jam-packed into three relatively entertaining hours.
  2. The Hollywood Foreign Press has the best taste. Sure, many of the people/films/TV shows who win a Golden Globes also go on to win the Oscar or Emmy, but those times when there’s a difference in who is crowned “best,” I tend to agree with the Globes. They’re just a little edgier, mostly because the voters are international. Case in point — in 1994, Claire Danes won a much deserved Golden Globe for her portrayal of Angela Chase on “My So-Called Life.” She lost the Emmy to some chick from “Picket Fences” who’d already won a bajillion times. I have never forgiven the Emmys for that.
  3. The atmosphere is casual and everyone gets tipsy. At the Golden Globes, the celebs sit together at big round tables and eat and drink! I don’t know about you, but I love seeing a celeb dressed up to the nines, chewing and swallowing. No, seriously, everyone seems to have way more fun at the Globes. All the boozing makes for much more entertaining acceptance speeches too, and I like to watch who is hobnobbing and shooting the s**t.
  4. Musical/Comedies are celebrated separately from dramas. While I tend to prefer dramatic movies to comedies, I always feel a little sorry for those who primarily work in the musical/comedy arena because they’re not taken as “seriously” as dramatic films and actors. The Golden Globes gives funny film actors like Will Ferrell and Emma Stone an opportunity to have their backs patted too. And only at the Golden Globe Awards could “Burlesque” actually have a shot at winning something — besides a Razzie.
  5. There are more surprises. As we pointed out last year, the Oscars tend to follow specific patterns in terms of who they reward. Best Actress goes to America’s Sweetheart, Best Actor to the dude with the most nominations, a breakout star always scores Best Supporting Actress, and Best Supporting Actor usually goes to the guy who played the creepiest character. The Golden Globes, on the other hand, are more likely to surprise you. So, even though I think Natalie Portman already has the Oscar in the bag for her role in “Black Swan” (ahem, America’s Sweetheart), I wouldn’t be at all shocked if Michelle Williams (“Blue Valentine”) snuck in and snatched the Golden Globe out of her hands. That, along with seeing what she and everyone will be wearing, of course, is what’s going to have me glued to the boob tube this Sunday.