Gwyneth And GOOP’s “Day In The Life” Of 3 Privileged Working Moms

For every step forward Gwyneth Paltrow makes in her attempt to improve her image, she takes two steps back. Though I was warming up to ol’ Goopie again, after that adorable and funny guest appearance on “Glee,” I am back to full GP attack mode thanks to her latest GOOP newsletter. I skipped last week’s GOOP once I realized it was just another endorsement of a cleanse that makes you s**t your brains out, but this week I was enticed to click with the promise of “a day in the life of real working moms.” I’m not a mom, but I want to be and that work/life/parenting balance is of interest to me. Who would these real working moms be? How varied would their advice and routines be? Sigh. I should have known better. GOOP showed me a day in the life of, ahem, a venture capitalist Gwynnie met, bestie Stella McCartney, and Gwyneth herself. Girl couldn’t trot out a poor or even a middle class mom? I know she’s got a cleaning lady!It should go without saying that reading a day in the life of three rich mothers under the pretense that you will totally relate and learn from their example will give you a massive case of the stabbies. But Gwyneth’s entry is by far the most annoying. For starters, it’s from LAST NOVEMBER because it was one of her more “manic days” which I took to mean “the one day that month when both the nannies had the day off.” Her day starts on a way harsh note — the coffee machine is broken! After dropped the kids at school she’s got voice lessons! After rehearsing with her “Country Strong” band, she’s got a dress fitting and some phone interviews. She’s exhausted and in need of tea! And then the kids come home and they play Plants Vs. Zombies on the iPad — every kid’s fave gadget, rights moms?!?!? — and, QUOTE, “What up gamers.” Then they make cupcakes and the kids go to bed and Gwyneth manages to drag her tired ass out for a girl’s night. And you thought your day was rough? Puhlease. [GOOP]