Today’s Lady News: Remembering Christina Green, 9, Victim Of Tucson Shooting

  • A remembrance of Tucson, Arizona shooting victim, nine-year-old Christina Green, who had recently won a seat on her student council and just wanted to meet her local politician, Gabrielle Giffords. (Randomly, Christina is the cousin of “One Tree Hill” actress Sophia Bush.) [Ms. Magazine]
  • Miss England beauty queen Katrina Hodge is deploying for her second tour in Afghanistan. [Styleite]
  • The abortion rate has stalled after 30 years in decline, according to a new study by the Guttmacher Institute, which collects data on reproductive rights. Also, drug-induced (i.e., medical) abortions with RU-486 are on the rise. [Reuters]

  • A Republican state rep in Kansas has filed a bill to remove an exemption on the ban against late-term abortions if it would harm the woman’s mental health. Fantastic. [KCUR]
  • A female employee at the Peabody Municipal Light Plant in Massachusetts has claimed she was passed over for a promotion because of her age and because she is a woman. She claims a man who was 13 years younger and less qualified got the position. The plant has been accused of sex discrimination in the past. []
  • Katha Pollit of The Nation takes Naomi Wolf to task for claiming that identifying rape victims by name will actually be good for women. [The Nation]
  • Miriam O’Reilly, a former presenter on the show “Countryfile,” has won an age discrimination lawsuit against the BBC, which allegedly fired her because she looked too old for television. [Daily Mail]