OK Cupid Says Being Uglier Actually Makes You More Attractive

OK Cupid has attempted to decode the algorithm of the male lizard brain. Using women on the site as data, they demystified female beauty in the eye of the male beholder. Well kind of … beauty being defined in this case as getting the most messages. Based on their super objectifying 5-point “attractiveness scale,” they wanted to understand why women who rated comparably received vastly different amounts of messages from male users. They found that the more variation in male opinion about a woman’s looks, the more messages she’ll receive. Read as: the uglier some dudes think you are, the more attractive you are overall. So your beauty rests on your ability to confuse men? While this concept is rad, I’m the one who is confused. The conclusion? OK Cupid theorizes that this is because men don’t like competition. A girl who most men agree is “cute” is less likely to get messaged because she’s more likely to have multiple suitors. They want the girl that only they will think is cute. The takeaway here? Maximize your flaws to be considered more beautiful online. Play up your big nose or your muffin top. Oh male lizard brain, how you continue to confound me. Next I’m hoping for them to explain the science behind why men are compelled to send such poorly crafted messages to said women. Ahem. [OK Cupid]