Teen Romance, Even Worse Than You Remember

Turns out you can blame more than just your crappy prom night on that d-bag who broke your heart back in high school! A University Of Maine study has confirmed that the quality of a woman’s early romances can be seen as an indicator for depression. If a girl is constantly looking for reassurance in the form of a boyfriend, she’s more likely to become depressed, especially if the guys she’s gotten involved with are jerks. The biggest red flags were nagging your boo to tell you they love you all the time, complaining about the same things over and over again, and the “totally deep,” er, excessive discussion of your personal problems. So, basically, anything you liked to do with your BF when you were a teenager was bad for you. Bummer. (Yeah, those cigarettes you sneaked count too, but they’re not part of this study.) The most shocking part? Researcher Jessica Fales found that, in romantic relationships, “males engage in excessive reassurance seeking just as much as females. But females experienced more negative outcomes.” Wah! Isn’t it bad enough we didn’t have good taste in fashion in our teens, now we gotta pay for the lame dudes we hearted too?! So, basically, bad boyfriends are the emotional equivalent of still wearing scrunchies.

And according to the findings of this U. of Maine psychological study, while we might have been led to believe the whole point of young love was to get learning experience, in actuality, all that negativity we learned from those loves, well, luvs, is what seems to lead to adult depression. So really, ladies, the lesson here is never settle or he’ll drag you down with him! Also, this idealized young love stuff might only be good for us in a catchy pop song form. [University Of Maine]