Is Your Spouse A … Stranger?

It can be difficult to stay connected to our loved ones in today’s hectic world. We struggle to keep friendships strong with coffee dates and quick emails, and we diligently pencil in phone calls to our grandparents even when we’re swamped. But our romantic relationships rarely receive the same type of attention that our friends and families do, and the results can be devastating. Imagine looking across the kitchen table at the familiar contours of your husband’s face … and realizing that the man you married now feels like a total stranger. Relationships expert Melodie Tucker says this experience is scarily common. “Couples forget to prioritize their time together. Other activities like work, school, church, volunteering and hobbies take precedence. Suddenly every available moment is over-scheduled and the only time the couple shares together is spent sleeping.”

Does this sound familiar? These ten signs can help you figure out whether or not your spouse has become a stranger. Read more

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