Trailer Park: “Season Of The Witch,” “The Absent,” “Phil Ochs: There But Of Fortune”

It’s a whole new year in the movie theater and I wish I could say that we’re starting it off with a bang, but unfortunately the biggest movie hitting the screens this week is “Season of the Witch.” Fortunately for you, there are some great looking indie flicks and a bunch of super awesome movies from the holiday season that are still out! Whatever, it’s not like you need an excuse for sitting on your butt and eating popcorn.

The Movie: “Season of the Witch”
The Trailer: An accused witch (Chaire Foy) has to be brought to a remote monastery and a tough guy Crusader hero (Nicolas Cage) has been hired for the job. He brings along some soldiers and a priest to help him out. There’s some battling. It’s like a road trip movie before there roads to trip on.
The Hitch: I think it’s time for a new meme, we can call it WTF Nicolas Cage. It’s like every time someone wants to make a really random fantasy flick, Cage is there with bells on. If you need a medieval fix and can’t wait for “Your Highness,” go for it but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The Movie: “The Absent”
The Trailer: Vincent and Oscar Burton were 10-years-old when Oscar found out their parents were planning on killing him for insurance money, so he beats them to the punch. Natch. 25-years later, he gets out of prison and his brother Vincent is a science teacher who falls for his prize student. They do it. Then Oscar has to start taking out students who know about it so his brother doesn’t end up in jail for statutory rape.
The Hitch: I’m pretty sure that putting “from the makers of ‘I Know Who Killed Me'” is not a great a selling point, but the plot is even more ludicrous. And what’s with the twins again?

The Movie: “Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune”
The Trailer: Phil Ochs was most famous for his protest songs which dealt with everything from civil rights to the anti-war movement to Watergate. In this biographical documentary, the folk rock mastermind gets his shine with commentary from folks like Joan Baez and Sean Penn and interviews and performance footage of Ochs.
The Hitch: I’m actually very excited for this movie because Phil Ochs hasn’t gotten the kind of attention he deserves. He is a brilliant songwriter and one of my favorite musicians, Ben Barnett formerly of Kind of Like Spitting put out a cover album, “Learn: The Songs of Phil Ochs” which is just brilliant. The movie’s playing at the IFC Center in New York and will hopefully be coming to a theater near everyone else!

The Movie: “The Time That Remains”
The Trailer: A black comedy that follows the creation of the state of Israel from 1948 to the present, portraying the daily life of filmmaker Elia Suleiman’s family who were Palestinians who chose to stay in their country and were labeled Israeli-Arabs.
The Hitch: While the film’s most likely going to be out on a limited release, it looks like it’s worth seeing. I’d imagine that the topic is a difficult one to bring humor to, but this very personal point of view proves that it’s possible.

The Movie: “No One Killed Jessica”
The Trailer: In 1999, a model named Jessica was hired to tend bar at a private party in New Delhi and was shot dead when she refused to serve Manish, the son of a prominent politician after closing hours. There were 300 witnesses who refuse to speak but Jessica’s sister Sabrina and a feisty reporter, Meera, fight for justice.
The Hitch: This looks like a great movie and it’s really refreshing for there to be a movie about Indian women (and women in general) being bad**ses and fighting back against injustice.