Ted Haggard Coming To A Television Near You

In 2006, Ted Haggard was one of the most powerful ministers in the United States—he was the head of the enormous New Life Church in Colorado and the leader of the National Association of Evangelicals, which boasted 30 million members. And then, in a major sex scandal, a male prostitute outed Haggard, saying that not only had Haggard paid him for sex, but that he had bought and done crystal meth. Let’s just say that Haggard’s days at the New Life Church were numbered from there. So I am pretty pumped to see that TLC is airing a special that’s basically “Ted Haggard: How Haggard Is He Now?” Fine, it’s actually called “Ted Haggard: Scandalous” [Your title is so much better! — Editor] and documents the pastor’s fall, how his family (including his wife and five kids) stuck by him, and how they now are opening a new mission. In the special, Haggard talks about going to therapy and says he is a “heterosexual with issues.” He says, “Showing the world the new chapter of our lives will hopefully inspire others to find their own path to overcome their struggles and embrace the power of acceptance. The church is open to all, even those who have committed the darkest sins.”

Sounds utterly fascinating. I will totally be watching when it premieres on January 16. [PopEater]