John Edwards And Rielle Hunter Might Be Engaged

John Edwards proposed to his mistress/mother of his lovechild Rielle Hunter three weeks after his estranged wife, Elizabeth, died from cancer, The National Enquirer has claimed. Granted, it’s the Enquirer, but the supermarket tabloid was originally right about him diddling former presidential campaign videographer, so they may know a thing or two. A source claims John proposed to Rielle during a “festive holiday getaway” when he introduced her to his children and that Rielle coldly told the Edwards kids — Cate, Emma Claire and John — to “call me mommy.” The couple already have a young daughter, Frances Quinn, who was the product of their affair (though John long denied he was her father).

If the couple does marry, it might make a prediction in a dishy tell-all book by John’s former aide, Andrew Young, true: John had allegedly promised Rielle they would marry after his sick wife died in a rooftop ceremony in New York City with Dave Matthews Band playing.I feel pretty terrible for the Edwards’ kids: they just lost their mother, they have to live with their father who was dogging on her behind her back, and now he may be marrying a woman who brought their mom so much pain at the end of her life. Remember when Rielle posed for GQ in her undies and said things like “the wrath of Elizabeth is a mighty wrath”? And these goofballs have a sex tape together. I mean, awkward.

All that is hard enough to deal with, but they’re going through it all in the public eye, too. Imaging growing up and knowing millions of people think your father is a scumbag. (When I was a kid, I used to feel extremely loyal to my parents even when they made mistakes. As I got older, though, I started to feel extremely resentful that I’d been so loyal to people who were actually pretty hurtful.) If John Edwards and Rielle Hunter do marry, who knows, maybe the kids will be happy to live with their baby half-sister and to have a maternal figure around? I just hope John is a better dad than he ever was a husband, at least, late in life.

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