It’s Official: Vinny From “Jersey Shore” Is The Most Sensitive Man On Television

Last night was the season premiere of the third season of “Jersey Shore,” and people, it did not disappoint. The first night, new cast member Deena got naked in front of The Situation, JWoww and Sammi got in a physical fight, and I learned at least five new words for “vagina.” But the most heartwarming moment came when a drunk Snooki tried to hook up with Vinny, who she had sex with in Miami, and he graciously declined, showing more emotional maturity than any man I’ve met in the last 12 months.Vinny, you see, would have been happy to have sequel sex with Snooki, if they were on the same page about it just being fun and low pressure. But he knew Snooki had genuine feelings for him and that hooking up would only make those feelings deeper. Vinny is looking to have fun in the “Jersey Shore” house, to hook up with lots of girls, but he wasn’t going to add Snooki to the list again, only to have it cause her pain in the future. He delivered this message gently and kindly and although Snooki was being a sad, mopey drunk about it (I’ve been there, girl), I’m confident she’ll eventually realize Vinny did right by both of them. He put their friendship before his penile urges and it almost brought a tear to my eye.