Beauty Test Drive: LiQWD Hair Products

My hair has become quite dry since I’ve switched to an extra-strength dandruff shampoo, so I’ve been on the hunt for hair products that would restore my hair’s moisture after I used the dandruff shampoo. Since my locs are more “three-dimensional,” if you will, than the average non-kinky or fine hair, I’ve found that most hydrating shampoos and conditioners don’t work because they only coat my hair. So I tried the LiQWD Hydrating Shampoo, LiQWDITY Intensive Hair Repair, and LiQWD Professional Smoothing Catalyst expecting it to have the same results as other hair products I’ve tried. LiQWD features nanotechnology, so it infuses the hair instead of just coating it. I’m convinced that’s the difference between LiQWD and regular hair products. I was shocked by how thick the Hydrating Shampoo was. The consistency reminded me of Elmer’s White Glue or taffy, but of course the shampoo wasn’t sticky. I only needed a small amount to lather my scalp. And I was surprised at how well the shampoo infused the ends of my locs, which don’t often hold a lather.

After rinsing, I smoothed on the Intensive Hair Repair. You know how most conditioners feel really nice on your hair and as your rinsing, but when the product has been completely rinsed out, your hair still feels dry and stressed? Well, that didn’t happen with the LiQWDITY. My hair still felt soft. But, I also wanted it to be smooth … well as smooth as a dreadlocks can be.

So I sprayed on the Smoothing Catalyst while my hair was still wet, working it from the roots to the ends. It did feel smoother, and I think the Smoothing Catalyst also helped prep my hair for rollers.

LiQWD products are much more expensive than what I’m used to spending on hair products. But obviously, it’s time to quit the drugstore brands because they’re just not working. Since LiQWD’s nanotechnology worked on my kinky hair, I bet it would do wonders on straight, curly, color-treated, and fine hair. [$28 – $32, LiQWD]