Are There Some Foods You Won’t Eat On A Date?

When I was in high school, I wouldn’t eat anything more than french fries in front of a guy. (Good thing I went to an all-girls school or I would have starved.) Now, I’m almost completely over that ridiculous way of thinking, except there are some foods I still don’t feel comfortable eating in front of a date. Like chicken wings because they’re messy, and it’s difficult to look cute or sexy while gnawing meat off bones. Anyway, I got over this issue last night when, on a date, I had a craving for Buffalo wings.I went on a third date last night with a guy I’ve known for more than two years. So, I figured we were comfortable enough that I shouldn’t feel strange eating some messy wings, and the Buffalo wings on the menu looked super enticing, so why should I have deprived myself?

Turns out, the dude ordered teriyaki wings that were even stickier and saucier than my wings. Also, he wasn’t repulsed by the occasional sauce smeared on my cheek or the pile of napkins I used. I even ate more than he did, and realized how ridiculous my no-wings-on-a-date rule was. If a girl wants some Buffalo wings, then she should have them. And any guy that takes issue with that isn’t worth my time.

But I’m still curious what other women and men think and asked some of my Twitter followers last night. One said she eats whatever her “fat ass” wants nowadays and another said he wouldn’t eat anything that causes gas. Are there some foods you won’t eat on a date?