Why Weather Woman Heidi Jones Lied About Sexual Assault

Why did “Good Morning America” weather woman Heidi Jones lie about an attempted sexual assault in Central Park? Because she wanted the attention.

Jones had claimed she’d been attacked by a man in Central Park while jogging and that bystanders scared him off. Later, she claimed the same man — Hispanic, in his 30s or 40s — showed up outside her apartment building and threatened her by saying, “I know you went to police.” She also claimed the NYPD refused to take her statement when she reported the disturbing events. Presumably, given her public profile, Jones was then given police protection by the NYPD for several weeks; they accompanied her to work, to the movies, and even out walking her dog. But over time, the detectives started to realize her story was not consistent. When confronted, Heidi confessed she “did make this up.” According to the Daily Mail UK, Jones told detectives, “I made it up for attention. I have so much stress at work, with my personal life and with my family.” In a statement to investigators she said, “I know there is no justification for it.” This morning the weather woman was formally charged with two misdemeanors of falsely reporting an incident. She has been suspended from reading the weather for WABC since she originally confessed in December.

Frankly, I’m irritated someone in the public eye would lie about an attempted sexual assault, considering how rape/incest/sexual assault victims already struggle with not being believed or being blamed for their assaults. Not that it’s okay to lie about any crime, but why would a woman lie about this crime? Heidi Jones is just further perpetuating the myth that women “cry rape” all the time, which is just rotten. But I guess there is a silver lining here: at least no one was sent to jail because she lied. But don’t even get me started on the whiff of racism where she falsely claimed a Hispanic dude attacked her. (Refer to the Central Park jogger case for more on racial tensions involving sexual assault in New York City — though it’s slightly different because in that case, the victim didn’t accuse anyone, it was more like the media and the NYPD did.)

Here’s an idea: might I suggest some therapy instead, Heidi Jones?

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