The People’s Choice Awards: The Winners We Just Can’t Agree With

I’m not exactly sure who The People are who end up casting votes for The People’s Choice Awards. Maybe they’re related to The Man? Based on last night’s award’s show, I’m guessing that most of them are—OH MY GAWD—obviously under the age of 14. A select few of the award winners seemed totally deserving. Like Neil Patrick Harris (who caused quite a kerfuffle when he told host Queen Latifah that she was giving a B+ performance), who we’ll co-sign on for Favorite TV Comedy Actor since, even after years on the air, he is still amazing as straight sleezeball Barney Stinson on “How I Met Your Mother.” I can also get down with Gregory House/Hugh Laurie for Favorite TV Doctor because, well, I can’t think of another TV doc at the moment. But most of last night’s winners made me think, “WTF?” After the jump, the winners that left me scratching my head in confusion the hardest.

  • It’s been a darn good year for movies between “The Social Network,” “Black Swan,” “The Fighter,” etc. So, uh really? “Eclipse” won for both Favorite Movie and Favorite Drama Movie? Puh-lease.
  • The movies on Johnny Depp’s resume for the year were “Alice in Wonderland” and “The Tourist,” both parts which he seemed like he was seriously phoning in. So how did he win for Favorite Movie Actor?
  • I also just don’t know what to think of Kristen Stewart winning Favorite Movie Actress.
  • “$#*! My Dad Says” has been pretty universally panned by critics. So really, it’s Favorite New TV Comedy?
  • Lisa Edelstein won for Favorite TV Drama Actress. Who is she?
  • Favorite Online Sensation went to Katy Perry. I really thought Antoine Dodsen should have had that category in the bag. Or at least Double Rainbow guy.
  • I was also surprised that Favorite TV Guest Star went to Demi Lovato for her part on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Fail. We absolutely loved Gwyneth Paltrow on “Glee.”
  • My vote for Favorite Breakout Artist would have gone to Nicki Minaj. Not so much to Selena Gomez. I guess the Beliebers forgot the part where they hate her now?
  • Rachael Ray won for Favorite TV Chef. Ugggggh.

Who were you happy won last night? And not so much?