Tavi Interviews Gwen Stefani For “Teen Vogue”

Freelance writing may have dried up for a lot of journalists, but the well has not yet run dry for Tavi. The 14-year-old fashion blogger got a gig a million girls would die for interviewing Gwen Stefani about her L.A.M.B. line for Teen Vogue! Writing in the February issue, Tavi initially revealed herself to be wary of celebrity-designed lines. “I can’t say I’m enthusiastic about the recent celebrity-turned-designer trend. In fact, I’m a skeptic,” she wrote. “Too often I feel people are expected to drop a couple hundred dollars just because X celebrity was good in Y sitcom, thus somehow making X’s design abilities top-notch.” Agreed. (Sorry, LiLo, but your products suck.) Eventually, though, Tavi anointed Gwen as the real deal. Gwen’s got a “personal identity” she injects into L.A.M.B.’s clothes, bags and perfume and that is “what makes her designs not derive from tabloid appearances but act as a further reflection of her as an artist. Like her music, they embrace a side of her that is unabashedly unique, whether she executes it through kaleidoscope prints or by singing a friendly reminder: ‘It’s my life!’” Aww, thinking about Gwen Stefani and Tavi hanging out together gives me the warm and fuzzies. But I am somewhat bitterly wondering if Teen Vogue paid that little beyotch $4 a word like other brand name freelancers. [Fashionista.com]