23 Weapons Every Sexy Man Needs In His Arsenal

Earlier this week, I broke down the “23 Weapons Every Sexy Woman Needs In Her Arsenal.” But how could I ignore you, my beloved, Frisky gentlemen? I’m sure you’ve got this lovin’-the-ladies thing down. Obviously, you’re reading this site! But because you hotties asked (thanks @Maegara), here’s the formula for what women find irresistible in a man.

  1. The ability to fix my computer
  2. Toe nails that would not cut a bitch
  3. Ambition, not to be confused with empty smack talk
  4. Clean underwear
  5. Dance moves you are happy to bust all night long ’til the break of dawn
  6. A snazzy pair of shoes that are not sneakers
  7. The imagination to surprise me
  8. A cozy sweater that makes a woman wanna snuggle with you
  9. A couch, because I’m not putting my bare ass down on your grungy, booze-soaked futon
  10. Also, a real bed, not a mat on the floor
  11. Candles or a dimmer switch because, unlike dudes, ladies don’t want to do it with the lights on full blast
  12. A willingness to incorporate sex toys
  13. A killer pair of shades
  14. One meal you can cook
  15. A suit that doesn’t look like you borrowed it from a giant or has been sitting in your closet since your Bar Mitzvah
  16. Well-groomed hair and facial hair, not the kind that looks like it could be harboring small animals
  17. A bathroom that doesn’t make me think Area 51 is inside your house
  18. A shirt that shows off your chest hair or, better yet, the cojones to go shirtless. Yum. If you haven’t noticed from our slide shows here on The Frisky, we like our men topless as much as you like your women topless.
  19. The swagger to be proud of the gal you’re with and know what you like. You gotta know how to make a woman feel like your sexy ideal, even if she doesn’t look like she stepped out of Playboy.
  20. Clean hands (that includes that gunk under your nails, dudes)
  21. A sense of humor
  22. A tight pair of jeans
  23. The sexual confidence to make the first move —not to be confused with actually knowing what you’re doing

Bonus Points: If you can show up on a white horse pulling off #8 and #18.