18 Members Of The Celebrity DUI Club

pressly mugshot m jpg
You’d think that if you were a famous actor or actress, you could afford to get a driver for a wild night out or, gasp, just call a cab. But it seems like celebrities are constantly getting DUIs. Jaime Pressly of “My Name Is Earl” is the latest to be arrested for the offense. Officers supposedly pulled her over in Santa Monica last night and gave her a field sobriety test, which she failed. She was arrested for suspected intoxication and her bail was set at $15,000, which TMZ notes is considerably higher than usual and could signal that her blood alcohol content was off the charts. But there’s no word from her camp on the incident so far. [TMZ]

Please, people—don’t you remember the videos from driver’s ed class? Drinking and driving is really not something to take lightly. After the jump, the celebrity DUI hall of shame.

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