I’ll Go Commando Before I’ll Wear $40 Cotton Underwear

I read (and by “read” I mean “look,” as there aren’t many words to begin with) Lucky religiously every month. For the most part, the clothes featured in the magazine are outside my price range (at least at full price), but I always get something out of the issue. I’ll discover a cool new beauty product or get ideas for styling a new outfit out of the clothes I already have. When I cracked open the February 2011 issue of the magazine (with Nicole Richie on the cover), I learned something truly shocking: Some people actually think it makes sense to spend $40 on a single pair of cotton brief underwear. Touted in the issue is a new line of skivvies called Ten. Described as “reliably basic” and “totally hot,” the briefs are made of cotton. Just … cotton. They come in bright colors. They look like the underwear you wore when you were 12 and your mom bought them in packs of three from JCPenney. But the difference is, in case you missed it, they cost $40 per f**king pair. Cotton underwear. No lace. No promise that they’ll be totally seamless under your clothes. Nothing other than the totally bogus claim that they’re inspired by the style icons of the ’60s and ’70s. Listen, Ten and Lucky, for $40, these panties need to have something seriously special. Like, for example, being totally stain-resistant. I could maybe understand paying $40 for a pair of underwear that, no matter how insane the tampon leakage, did not absorb blood stains. That would be cool. But these don’t. So shove it. [Ten Undies]