Today’s Lady News: A Horse Is Not A Woman, espnW

  • So ESPN has this new site for women, right? And espnW ran an end-of-year news roundup called “The 10 Biggest Stories In Women’s Sports,” right? And #4 on that list was about a female horse. Yes, a horse. A horse ridden by a male jockey, too. How do we feel about that? And did anyone consider that including a horse in a list of great moments of women’s sports might be perceived as offensive? [Guardian UK]
  • Inspired by my post yesterday on BJs-while-sleeping, Crushable has tips on how to “sleep sex” your mate so it’s pleasantly surprising, not creepily violating. [Crushable]
  • Kathryn Gray of New Brunswick, Canada, age 10, became the youngest person to discover a supernova (an exploding star). When I was 10 years old I think I still picked my nose. [CNN]

  • Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia told California Lawyer that the Constitution does not prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex. Um, what? God, I hate constitutional law migraines. [Washington Post]
  • On Wednesday, Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) will become the longest serving female senator in U.S. history. Congratulations, senator! [The Hill]
  • Opponents of legal abortion in Nebraska are looking for new ways to restrict the procedure in the upcoming legislative session. Oh, goody. []
  • The Nevada Supreme Court dismissed an appeal by an anti-abortion group that sought a constitutional amendment to ban abortions in the last election. The court said Personhood Nevada, which seeks to give fetuses “personhood” status so that abortion is legally considered to be murder, failed to collect enough signatures to put a ban on the ballot in November. [Las Vegas Sun]
  • Does Kanye West view Caucasian women as “white she-devils,” based on his lyrics about women and race and his disgusting music video for “Monster”? Writes blogger Ta-Nehesi Coates: “All told, the album strikes me as incredibly, almost casually, racist. On some level, I wonder what would have become of John Mayer, had he cut a video with dead black women strewn about and invoked black women throughout his lyrics in the manner Kanye does.” [The Atlantic]
  • Anne Francis, who appeared as the first female detective to be featured on a 1960’s TV series called “Honey West,” has passed away at the age of 80. At the time, most of the role models for women on television were homemakers, like Donna Reed, so a woman with a stereotypically male career was a big deal. Francis also appeared in the 1956 sci-fi flick “Forbidden Planet.” [Los Angeles Times]


  • A recent survey of Brits found wealthier girls are more likely to have an abortion if they become pregnant “underage,” whatever that means. Well, duh. More money = more options. It’s extremely unfortunate that less wealthy women and girls can be prisoners of their own bodies because they don’t have an extra $300 to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. [Daily Mail UK]
  • A Swedish businessman has been fined $4,500 for purchasing sex from a porn star. [The Local]