“The Bachelor” Season 15: I Forgive You, Brad Womack

Brad Womack is back for his second chance at love on season 15 of “The Bachelor.” Geez, have there really been that many seasons? Anyhow, I turned on the tube with my rotten tomatoes at the ready to hurl at the screen. In my estimation, Brad is the archetype of the emotionally crippled man. That guy who is in a wheelchair, but unwilling to do anything to help himself walk again. Or so I thought! When Brad starting talking about seeking therapy for his panic attacks and getting to the root of his commit-o-phobia (he has trust issues because his dad was a jerk), I started to soften toward him. I put my tomatoes away and listened. His therapist even appeared to talk about the progress he’s made. In fact, the combination of Brad saying “I’m in therapy” while taking his shirt off and diving into a pool of water more than softened me — it turned me on.

After being ambushed by and apologizing to the women he discarded in season 11 (Deanna Pappas and Jenni Croft), being bitch-slapped by contestant Chantal “from all the women in America,” and being sufficiently grilled by all 30 contestants, I can confidently say, I am ready to forgive Brad — at least for trying to change.