Did Michael C. Hall & Jennifer Carpenter Split Because He Changed His Mind About Having Kids?

I gotta say, even though I’m rarely surprised when a celebrity couple splits, I was pretty shocked when “Dexter”‘s Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter announced they were divorcing. They’d only been married a couple years! They weathered through his battle with cancer! Surely they had the stuff that makes relationships survive? Apparently not. According to the National Enquirer (I know, a dubious source), after his cancer went into remission, Hall decided he no longer wanted to have children, a dealbreaker for Carpenter. If this is true, how sad. Imagine going into a long-term relationship/marriage with someone, agreeing on such a key aspect of where you see your lives headed together, only to have your partner up and change their mind one day. Kids were always a big topic of discussion with my ex-fiance — I was sure I wanted them (still am), while he vacillated on the topic. Now I won’t even go on a date with someone who is decisively against having kids and would even have a hard time getting more serious with someone who wasn’t sure. But it would really, really suck to plan to have kids with someone, only to have them change their mind many years into the relationship. Has this ever happened to any of you? Have you had a partner change their mind on the kid issue? Have you changed your mind and had it cause a rift in your relationship? [Showbiz Spy]