23 Weapons Every Sexy Woman Needs In Her Arsenal

Being a sexy lady isn’t just fun; it’s empowering. There’s nothing quite like making a man weak in the knees when you walk through the door. But like anything thrilling, it takes some adventurous accoutrements to be a vixen. After the jump, find out everything you’ll ever need to be va-va-va-voom!

  1. Red lipstick that looks good with your skin tone
  2. Double-stick tape for a nip slip-free 2011
  3. A dimmer switch on your bedroom light
  4. A corset
  5. Polished toe nails—even in the winter, girl!
  6. The cojones to make eye contact, no matter what dirty deed you’re doing
  7. A push-up bra
  8. Lingerie you feel comfortable rocking, despite its itty-bitty-ness
  9. The Burlesque Handbook by Headmistress Jo Boobs
  10. A pair of do-me pumps you can walk strut in
  11. White cotton panties
  12. Hot rollers, so you can make your hair bounce like your booty
  13. E600 epoxy to fix any bejeweled emergency
  14. Forget the micro-mini. If you really want to put on a leg and booty show, you’re gonna need a pencil skirt.
  15. A saved personal day off from work, so when the mood strikes, you can just stay in and get jobs in bed.
  16. An eye-catching LRD (little red dress)
  17. A vibrator
  18. Backseam panty hose
  19. A “whore drawer,” as I like to call it, filled with lube, condoms, and whatever other kind of kink you like. Note: make sure you can reach from your bed.
  20. A pair of American Apparel tube socks. See here.
  21. Something leopard print
  22. A chair that you can straddle and bend over
  23. Sexual confidence — not to be confused with actually knowing what you’re doing