How Lindsay Lohan And Other Celebs Tweeted In The New Year

We know you had a blast this New Year’s, but how did some of our favorite celebs ring in 2011? If you’re Lindsay Lohan, you pull a Gandhi quote out of your butt. Lindsay is apparently turning over a new, mellow leaf. She tweeted: “Today is the first day of the rest of my life. ‘The future depends on what we do in the present.’ -Mahatma Gandhi… One step at a time….” That’s right, Lindz.

After the jump, we’ve got a roundup of some of Twitter’s most, uh, prolific and famous users. Denise Richards doesn’t know what day it is.

Happy New Year!! 1-11-11 a fantastic year for everyone..hope everyone had a safe and happy New Years Eve last night…xo

P. Diddy is concerned about your spiritual life.

I’ve come to far to go to sleep now! I decide to Go till sunday after church! Havin to much fun! Playin life a After Death! Supa Afterparty!

Kim Kardashian had the willpower to skip the Cinnabon.

Was walking towards Cinnabon but didn’t want start the new year with that as my 1st meal.

Justin Bieber keeps it really real. He’s from Stratford, y’all.

i want to make #newmusic and share it with all of u. so #HappyNewYear and #godbless and let’s make 2011 even better. I love all of you and Im still the kid from Stratford and Im never.

NeNe Leakes is leaving the drama in 2010. Well, sort of.

So excited about 2011! Goodbye jealous haters, Goodbye fake friendship, Goodbye Liars! Don’t even look my way! GOODBYE

Rihanna urges you to get down like R. Kelly, but find a designated driver.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Cheers to the freakin weekend and to #Endof2010 Drink responsibly, and choose who in the group will drive home NOW! #Iloveu